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Giving Yourself A Makeover

by Don Polsy

It’s the weekend, and as I usually like to do on weekends, I’m going to put up another post that will get you instant results. And today’s topic has to do with something that I’m currently in the process of doing myself: giving yourself a makeover. Every 1-2 years, it’s a good idea to give yourself a complete overhaul. This is good for multiple reasons. The first being that your current look can be a little stale. It’s really difficult to get out of a rut when you look in the mirror and see the same person.

An interesting part of social psychology, is that you can get someone to behave in an entirely different way by simply changing their look/uniform. And a good way to change your behaviors, is to change your look. When you see a new person, you really believe that you have taken on a new identity.

The second reason why it’s good to give yourself a makeover every few years, is because your look may be out of date. Remember how having a mohawk use to be cool and peacocky? Well now, everyone is doing it, so it’s out of date. The same goes for those bright colors that everyone is wearing that looks like those Cross Colors from the early 90’s; straight out of Fresh Prince. Everyone else is doing it now, so it’s no longer cool.

The third reason why you want to give yourself a completely new look, is because you’ve probably been trying to pick up chicks at the same handful of bars. When you give yourself a completely new look, it gives mature women the chance to see you in an entirely different light. Not only that, but a new look can give you the chance to fit in and mingle with an entirely different social circle because of your visual identity (i.e. going from a thug look to a rocker look).

How do you go about giving yourself a makeover? I’m going to recommend that you start with your head and hair, and work from there. I’ll give you an example. I’ve been starting to wear hats, grow my hair out, and I’m thinking about buying a pair of really dark shades. This is going to give me two looks to work from. I can either go the all black thug route, or I can do a more relaxed beach boy look (hair ala Lenny Kravitz). It all depends on the crowd I’m around. Either way, you wanna start drastic. If your hair is short, grow it out. If it’s spiked up, go for a surfer look. If it’s curly, straighten it. You get my point. You want to give yourself a completely different look.

Moving on to your clothes and physical attire, ask yourself what everyone else is doing, and then don’t do it. For instance, everyone seems to be stuck on bright colors, Affliction shirts, and Ed Hardy shirts. That means that I’m going to stay away from those. The best thing you can do, is to go shopping, and try to find something that people aren’t really wearing yet. For instance, I was one of the first people to start rocking two polos with the undershirt matching the color of the Ralph Lauren pony of the over shirt; I was one of the first people to start rocking belt buckles, I was one of the first guys to start rocking a labret piercing, and I was one of the first people to start rocking graphic t-shirts (ala Marc Echo Cut & Sew).

When you’re the first person rocking a particular style in your city, it draws a lot of eye contact and attention your way. When I started rocking white dress shoes, I constantly had people commenting and asking me about them. When I first started rocking graphics t-shirts, I couldn't keep girls from asking me what was on my shirt. When I first started rocking belt buckles, I always had girls staring at them. And I still can’t keep girls from trying to touch my labret piercing.

I’m sure most of you get the idea by now. Start with your head & hair. Do something drastically different with it. Work from there. Don’t rock what everyone else is rocking. And try to be ahead of the curve by wearing something that everyone else hasn’t worn yet. These are the tools that will give you a head start with mature women, help you create a new identity, and be fresher than everyone else.

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